Class III

DSC_0214Every Class III Bunker is to be buried 8 feet and secured with a 600lb, ½“ thick steel airtight blast door, fire rated to 1800°. Surrounding the main door is a 6” fireproof mortar reinforced bulkhead, which cannot be compromised even with a plasma cutter. Our rear emergency blast door is constructed to the same standards as the front to provide an optional hidden egress route. We don’t use a ladder and pipe setup to access the main door. Instead, we build you a custom stairwell complete with full size stairs and handrails to allow your family a safe, comfortable means for entry or exit. Fresh, clean air is provided by an NBC and HEPA filter using over pressurization across dual 4” blast valves. The included air filtration system will scrub all incoming air of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical contaminants with a rating for 12-17 people. With safety and security being a top priority, every Class III Bunker we build includes these features as STANDARD equipment.

Class III : $68,999

protective bunker diagram class iiiUnderground Protective Bunker

  • Stairwell Entry
  • Mud Room 5×5
  • 6″ Blast Door
  • Bury Depth of 8′ Overhead
  • Convenient Underfloor Storage with LED Lighting
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Upholstery
  • Medium Density Foam Mattresses
  • NBC Filtration
  • Commercial Grade Carpeted Living Area
  • Emergency Exit
  • Multiple Overhead Lights with Dual Control Settings
  • Accent Lighting
  • 110v and 12v Outlets
  • Two (2) AMG Battery Absorption Glass Mat
  • 2000w Prosine Inverter Charger
  • Two (2) Solar Panels and Controller
  • 200 Gallon Water Resevoir
  • 42″ Flat Screen TV
  • 1600w Microwave
  • 10′ Diameter Steel Tubing
  • 38′  Overall Length
  • Standard Floor Plan with 3-D Drawing


DSC_0217We want to ensure our clients are as comfortable as possible in their hidden living space whether it’s for multiple days or even multiple years. The Class III-30 is designed to sleep 4 adults and accommodate 7+, although we will tailor the bunker layout to your specific needs. All cabinets are custom built in-house by our master cabinetmaker with over 30 years experience. We provide plenty of built in cabinets and bookcases using high quality hinges and drawer slides. Our standard layout includes beds for four, dinette, full bathroom, kitchen, entertainment center, extra long couch, desk and communication operation center. Unlike other products on the market, every detail is created for your Protective Bunker to feel as though you are staying in a modern apartment, instead of poorly finished barracks.

DSC_022912v and 120v power is provided using (2) 180w solar panels and a Xantrex PROsine 2.0 2000w inverter along with dual 270AHr batteries. This system will provide your bunker with more then enough power to be fully self sufficient while maintaining a comfortable residential living environment for your family. Also included is an automatic transfer switch for connection to your properties power or a supplemental generator station. We include an onboard 210-gallon fresh water tank with pump, microwave, refrigerator, 37” LED TV, full size residential stainless sink. Also included in every Class III Bunker is a quick access handgun/valuables safe to keep smaller items secured even within the bunker. If required, we’d be happy install a larger safe specific to your firearm needs.

With space being at an absolute premium, all areas must be maximized including storage. We’ve included an oversized, full-length in-floor storage compartment with extra deep shelves and built in stairs. Instead of using heavy and cumbersome access panels that must be lifted with two hands, our bunkers feature hinged and counter weighted access doors that can easily be opened with one finger. By having our full-length storage and stairs, you have safe and easy access to your supplies without having to jump down or crawl under the floor.

Class III : $68,999



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