Class II


Underground Vertical Entry Protective Bunker

  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Under Floor Storage
  • Carpeted Living Area
  • Emergency Exit
  • One (1) Overhead Light
  • 10′ Diameter Steel Tubing
  • 15′  Overall Length


  • Gun Safe
  • 200 Gallon Water Reservoir
  • Stair Type Entry
  • Mud Room 5×5
  • Toilet Shower Combo
  • Electrical Packages
  • NBC Filtration
  • Additional Length by the Foot

Built to our exacting standards. Sleeps 2 and up. Available in 20 through 30 foot lengths; Custom lengths available.

The Class II Protective Bunker is an entry-level underground living system that will provide you and your family a safe, secure location in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. A 3 foot bury depth will distance you from outside threats while providing all the comforts found in a hotel suite. Another benefit of the 3 foot bury depth is reduced installation costs compared to models placed deeper into the earth.

IN STOCK and ready to install!

IN STOCK and ready to install!

All custom cabinets are made in-house by our master wood crafter, built using the exact standards, craftsmanship and materials as found in our more expensive bunkers. Our floor plans are designed to maximize living area storage by including multiple bookcases, shelves and drawers to provide plenty space for your personal items. Our cabinets use only high quality hardware and drawer slides to provide years of trouble free use. We also include custom upholstery, allowing you choose the perfect colors to provide a warm and calming environment that matches your style exactly.

For off grid installation or in preparation for loss of utilities, we offer a large number of options specific to your needs. External generators, inverters, increased water storage, solar panels and extra batteries are common options.

In floor storage is plentiful, with full-length shelving that is accessed by extra long hinged doors. These easy access doors raise using one finger, instead of requiring both hands to remove a heavy panel out of the floor. There is plenty of room for your emergency food and water as well as any other supplies you may need. Every potential storage space is maximized.

All Class II Protective Bunkers are built to the highest standards. Each is built to your specific needs with the safety and security of your family being paramount. Our team only builds what we would use for our own families. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment for further details or information.

We have several Class II bunkers in stock and are ready for delivery and installation today! Please call 951-245-3920.

We deliver anywhere in the US!

Prices starting at $19,999


Please call (951) 245-3920 or e-mail us at for details.

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  • Do you service Arizona? I need a family (6) underground nuclear bunker just outside of Phoenix.

    Please let me know options?

    Thank you!


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