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Built to our exacting standards to provide you a secure, hidden underground storage location. A CLASS I Storage Bunker is available in a variety of lengths depending on your needs. They are configured to maximize storage for food, water, ammunition, personal items, etc. CLASS I Bunkers can also be built as underground generator rooms to provide hidden power to your location.  Custom walk down stairwell, level one security door, fully shelved unit that can even double as a backup shelter.

Our Underground Protective Steel Bunkers provide the required safety and security in the time of emergency need or Doomsday Situations.  Every bunker is custom designed to your specifications using state of the art fabrication techniques and cutting edge designs.  Protective Bunkers exceeds industry standards while offering unmatched premium living accommodations, bank vault style blast doors, NBC(Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Protection, massive in-floor storage for long-term use.  Also each bunker comes with engineered plans to assure your safety.

Every Protective Bunker is sold turnkey and ready for use, and included custom built cabinets, water storage,  solar power with battery back-up, lighting, bathroom with shower and appliances.

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Starting at $13,999

Starting at $13,999

This Class II bunker has an attached dog run and kennel for our client's three dogs.

This Class II bunker has an attached dog run and kennel for our client’s three dogs.

Prices starting at $13,999


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