How Do You Want The World To Change?

On December 18, 2015

Part of me dreams of the days when people lived in small communities, traded and shared what they had and worked to build a life for themselves, instead of outsourcing all of our efforts to corporations that barely recognize your existence. But the other part of me realizes that in order to have a functioning, connected, society it’s hard to go back to the basics. Is there a balance somewhere? Or do you think the system we have is what’s best for everybody in the long run?

I hear a lot of complaints from people, about the controlling government, terrorists, greed, self important banks and lying corporations but there seems to be very few long term or radical suggestions in changing the way things are. Individually I think people are willing to change, but as a whole we are a stubborn and slow moving group.

Thoughts? What do you think is wrong with the world? How do you think it could be better? Can it be better?

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