Protective Bunkers & Survival Center

If you’re reading this now, there is still time to prepare!

There are many different reasons why people start planning and preparing for the unexpected.  Whether it’s to go on an adventure bug-out hike for a few days into the wilderness for recreation or to make sure your family has the necessary supplies and army navy military surplus and skills to survive for a period of time during a catastrophic disaster,  what we offer is peace of mind and experience.


We have been adding to our family of chickens and learning a lot about them.

We started out several years ago with your “regular” chickens, you know, the kind that lay plain old eggs. Over time, we have come to learn there are so many different types of chickens and each one has a specific character trait as well as egg.

We also decided to move our coop to a larger section of fenced yard. Not only do the chickens have their coop, which was also improved, but they are now “free range” and have lots of room to walk around and eat grass, bugs and basque in the sunshine. :)

Our recent additions are the Ameraucana which produces beautiful blue eggs, Light Brahma’s which produce large brown eggs, Cuckoo Maran’s which produce GORGEOUS, dark chocolate brown eggs, Buff Orpington’s which produce large, light brown eggs and Silkies which lay small, light cream colored eggs.

In addition to chickens, we purchased quail and 2 baby ducks. The quail lay small speckled eggs and the ducks, when old enough, will lay black eggs.

On Mother’s Day, I tried my first quail eggs. I was afraid to try them at first, fearing they would taste too different for my liking, and I was pleasantly surprised. My husband fried them (over medium) and served me three alongside our backyard raised sausage. They were delicious!!  They did not taste much different than chicken eggs. They actually tasted BETTER! They are also VERY Good for you. The quail egg contains 13% protein which is 2% more than a regular chicken egg. They also have significant amounts of Vitamin A and B2, boost immunity, cleanse and restore the body and people who have egg allergies can safely eat quail eggs.

We currently have Quail eggs in an incubator. They are due to hatch in about 2 weeks.

We will keep you posted!!



America Unplugged

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 Protective Bunkers and Survival Center, located in Southern California, is here to provide you with all the tools, knowledge and equipment necessary for emergencies and survival situations.  We can assist you with military surplus, army navy military surplus, emergency food storage, water storage and filtration, sanitation, shelters, first aid kits, cooking methods and communication. We can supply you with everything you would need to keep your family safe;  from building custom steel underground bunkers to everything you would need in the event of a survival or emergency situation. Our retail and on-line stores carry everything you would need for your survival or bug-out needs, including freeze dried foods, water filtration systems, outdoor gear, military surplus, tactical gear, ballistic and kevlar gear, camping equipment  and emergency preparedness supplies. We also offer a variety of training classes which teach basic and necessary survival skills. You can see those on our MeetUp link or our store Facebook page.

Protective Bunkers and Survival Center stays active in the community by hosting a wide array of emergency preparedness clinics with such topics as:

  • Basic First Aid / Trauma
  • Land Navigation
  • Fire Starting
  • Radio/Communication Including HAM Radio licensing classes
  • Long Term Food Storage / Canning
  • Shelter Building
  • Pioneering
  • Self-Defense

Feel free to come into our store and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Kitchen and kitchen cabinets

Our Underground Steel Bunkers provide the required safety and security in time of emergency need or Doomsday Situations.  Every bunker is custom designed to the client’s specifications using state of the art fabrication techniques and cutting edge designs.  Protective Bunkers exceeds industry standards while offering unmatched premium living accommodations,  bank vault style blast doors,  NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Protection, massive in-floor storage for long term use. Also, each bunker comes with engineered plans to assure your safety.

Every Protective Bunker is sold turnkey and ready for use, while there are other shelter manufactures which try to sellup-charges for “options”. Our bunkers include custom built cabinets,  water storage, solar power, lighting, bathroom and appliances.

Our Protective Bunkers include everything to maintain a safe, secure and comfortable environment for your family in the event of an emergency situation.

Whether you are in need of a simple fire-starting kit or a multiple room, UndergroundBunker Complex, we are here for all your needs. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help you and your family prepare for any situation.


Protective Bunkers and Survival Center lastest install update:

  • First Permitted Bunker in the City of Menifee
  • Largest Protective Bunker we have built to date.
  • Bunker designed to protect 20 people during a emergency situation.
  • All self contained construction


We hope things go your way but if they don’t,

 it is better to be prepared for the unexpected rather than not. 

Protective Bunkers and Survival Center is a short trip from;

Temecula, Perris, Menifee, Canyon Lake, Murrieta, Hemet, Corona, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego, and Wildomar.  Our clients come from Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego County to let us help them prepare.